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Political Commitments and Practices on the Ground

Gender Inequality in Academia

Gender equality, equal treatment, equal opportunity and non-discrimination are all, formally and in abstract, undisputed objectives. One could say that they are politically so self-evident that no one would openly (dare to) dispute them – at least not in this general and abstract form. However, the reality on the ground is in stark contrast with these proclaimed objectives and commitments.

In this event, we will address a broad range of issues that bring to the fore the fact that in practice we are still a far way off from gender equality, and that gender inequalities are still very well alive and thriving: from ‘gentlemen sexism’ which is still widespread, the consequences of Covid-19 for women in academia, the situation of mothers in Dutch universities, intersections of gender, race and class, to sexual harassment and sexual assault at universities, which are still largely under the radar. This is also an opportunity for exchange. In the interactive part, we are keen to hear your experiences and views on these issues. We hope you will join us.

About the speakers

Christina Eckes is professor of European law at the University of Amsterdam and director of the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG). She is also a member of the Governing Board of Amsterdam Centre of European Studies (ACES) and one of the leaders of the theme ‘Europe in the World’. Her current research interests are the legal limits to European integration, separation of powers within the European Union, and sovereignty in 21st century Europe. She has published widely on the internal constitutional consequences of the European Union’s external actions, a comprehensive account of which was published as a monograph entitled EU Powers under External Pressure – How the EU’s External Actions Alter its Internal Structures (Oxford University Press, 2019).

Ivana Isailović is assistant professor of European Law at the University of Amsterdam. Her research and her teaching deal with transnational law and gender inequalities. Her most recent research explores how EU gender policies interact with neoliberal economic structures (forthcoming in the Yale Journal of International Law). Previously, she worked on the implications of same-sex marriage for equality, and the relationship between gender and religion in family law. Prior to joining Amsterdam Law School, she taught gender studies classes at MIT and Northeastern University, and held appointments at Northeastern Law School, NYU Law School, Harvard University and McGill Law School.

Moderator: Anniek de Ruijter

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