Surveillance, privacy and quantified relationships

In collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities

12dec2019 20.00 - 21.30


Facebook, Instagram, Fitbit – never has it been easier to log and track our lives. We have become networked, and ‘always on’. We are living the digital life, but are we living the digital good life?

We are increasingly surveilled by the intimate technologies we carry with us every day. We have Facebook to manage our friendships, Live360 to track our children and Fitbit to monitor our fitness. We live in the age of quantified selves and quantified relationships. We watch ourselves, we watch each other and we are watched by the companies that produce these technologies. Does this undermine the emancipatory potential of technologies? What does this mean for our abilities to foster meaningful relationships and to live an autonomous and flourishing life? This night, organized around Marjolein Lanzings dissertation ‘The Transparant Self’, we explore these questions with renowned experts in the field of privacy, surveillance and emerging technologies.

About the speakers

Valerie Steeves (University of Ottawa) is professor at the Department of Criminology at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Her main area of research is in human rights and technology issues. The eQuality Project that she leads has conducted a series of research projects exploring how teens use social media in their daily lives.

Beate Roessler (University of Amsterdam) is professor at the Department of Philosophy. Her research fields include theories of freedom and autonomy, theories of privacy, the ethics of technology, justice and equality, ethics and the good life, and feminist theories.

Katleen Gabriels (Maastricht University) is an Assistant Professor at Maastricht University (FASoS, Department of Philosophy). She is a moral philosopher, specialized in computer ethics. She researches the relations and co-shapings between morality and computer technologies.

Marjolein Lanzing (Radboud University Nijmegen) is a post-doc researcher at the faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. She works at IHub on the ‘Digital Good’. This December she defends her dissertation ‘The Transparent Self’.

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