The meaning of academic practice in times of ecological crises

In collaboration with the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

11dec2019 17.00 - 18.30


For the last two decades, the state of our planetary ecosystem has been a primary research question in all scientific disciplines. Nonetheless, the condition of our ecosystem is worsening. How does academic practice need to change in order to address the rapidly worsening of ecological problems?

CO2 emissions are rising, biodiversity is being lost at high pace, and extreme weather events are more frequent. The impact of these changes is unevenly distributed across social groups. The concern of both the public opinion and the scientific community is visible in emerging socio-political movements such as Fridays for future, Extinction rebellion, Scientists4future and many others. Are we at a crucial turning point for research, education and scholarly engagement within society and politics? Is science still missing crucial knowledge to help policy makers and society in general to address upcoming ecological challenges? During this event, a panel of scientists, policy makers and activists will discuss with the audience the above questions.

About the speakers

Albert Faber is a Senior Policy Advisor, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

Bert Metz is a Dutch Climate policy Expert and former co-chair at IPCC.

Joyeeta Gupta is Professor in Environment and Development in the Global South at University of Amsterdam.

Miriam Meissner is Sociologist at University of Maastricht and environmental activist.

Ernst Jan Kuiper is Earth Scientist at Utrecht University and member of Extinction Rebellion.

This event is organised and moderated by Federico Savini, Assistant Professor in Environmental Planning, Institutions and Politics at the University of Amsterdam.

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