Fashion theories. A sartorial salon

In collaboration with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute

07nov2019 20.00 - 21.30


What hides underneath the garments we wear? What runs deeper than tread? And wherein lies the essence of the style references we see on the runway today? Dive into the world of fashion theories with the students of AMFI's honours minor during this Sartorial salon: an evening in which wisdom will be exchanged in an intimate setting. Where we can further explore the boundaries and dynamics of fashion and the fashion industry.

Three of this year’s finest students share their research to incite interesting discussions. Ciaran Mac Domnhails work centers around taboos and the body. She wonders what role women have played in reinforcing gender inequality through the use of taboos. She focusses on the taboo of being an unmarried mother in 1950’s Ireland. Next, Rianne Werkman analyses the revolutionary scope of unisex collections that are now being offered by mainstream fashion brands. Is simply putting a label on basic clothing enough to break down stereotypical gender ideas related to clothing? Finally, Jitske van der Woude explores the concept of polyamory in fashion. What is the potential of  polyamorous men to broaden the options for masculine expressions by refusing to behave according to masculine stereotypes? The Salon is moderated by AMFI honours student Flora van den Berg.

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