Activism and veganism. A conversation with Earthling Ed

In cooperation with the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

05nov2019 20.00 - 21.30


Why do we turn our heads away from the challenging reality of our food’s origins? Speaker, educator and entrepreneur Ed Winters, also known as ‘Earthling Ed’, will engage in a conversation with Federico Savini, Assistant Professor in Environmental Planning, Institutions and Politics about the role of activism in his mission to open the world’s eyes.

After having turned from meat eater to animal rights activist a few years ago, Ed now devotes his life to be a voice for the voiceless. He advocates for animal rights using discussion and debate – via TV appearances, TED talks and speeches at various universities and schools. This evening, Ed tells us about his mission and the ways in which activism might change the world, and speaks with Federico Savini about the role of activism in modern day society.

About the speakers

Ed Winters, also known as Earthling Ed, is a vegan educator, public speaker, and entrepreneur based in London, England. Winters is the co-founder and co-director of Surge, an animal rights organization, which in 2016 founded The Official Animal Rights March, which has grown from 2,500 participants in London in 2016 to 28,000 participants across the globe in 2018. In 2017 Winters produced the documentary Land of Hope and Glory, and in 2018 he opened Unity Diner, a non-profit vegan diner in London where all of the profits go to Surge as well as the development of a new sanctuary for farm animals outside of London. Winters has spoken at multiple companies, schools and universities in Europe and in the U.S., including Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Cornell. He has also given two Ted Talks, one at Lund University and one at Bath University. Recently, Winters launched his own podcast called The Disclosure Podcast

Federico Savini is Assistant Professor in Environmental Planning, Institutions and Politics at the University of Amsterdam. He combines approaches of Political Sociology, Political Science, Urban Planning and Critical Geography to the study of institutions and socio-spatial change in cities. His expertise ranges across the areas of land policy, land regulations, social innovation, environmental justice and urban politics. In his works, he studies the politics that drive institutional change, focusing on the different sets of regulations that shape city-regions.

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