Platform imaginaries. Taking the scenic route on ViaVan and other dynamic map technologies

In cooperation with the Amsterdam Research Institute of the Arts and Sciences

14okt2019 17:00 - 18:30


Platforms like ViaVan, Car2Go, and Google Maps are amongst some of the most popular map technologies that support Amsterdam city life. They allow people to move efficiently around a city; they dynamically regulate the city’s chaos with a tap of a smartphone. In this edition of 'Platform Imaginaries' let us reflect on the way map platforms are changing the way people move around the city as to be efficient. Let us incite the imaginary and peer into one possible future, when self-driving cars are the platform - a hinderance to urban performativity- encounters- and spatial freedom.

About Platform Imaginaries

Platform Imaginaries is a series of arts and digital cultures happenings initiated by ARIAS and hosted by SPUI25 that aims to empower artists, researchers and designers to formulate new platform imaginaries for and within the city.


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