The Bonn Physics Show: alternative ways of communicating physics

In cooperation with the Faculty of Science

20mrt2019 17:00 - 18:30


The Bonn Physics Show is coming to Amsterdam. This highly successful theater show about physics for children and adults was founded by Herbert Dreiner (Bonn University). In this pre-event he talks about the lessons his team learned from almost 20 years of working on the show.

Dreiner developed the concept in 2001, and the show has since been updated every year by physics students and performed 8-10 times a year at home and abroad, including at CERN, Oxford, Padua, Copenhagen and Beijing. The physics students have also developed many spin-offs, such as YouTube films, Science Slams and building new demo experiments. They also developed more advanced shows, in particular about elementary particle physics. The most recent show on particle physics contains more than 25 live experiments, embedded in a historical storyline. Dreiner shows a number of experiments in the colloquium, both live and on film. He talks about the essential characteristics of a successful show and gives advice on how you can set up your own science show. The Physics Show itself will be held in the Compagnie Theater on 5 and 6 April. For more information and (free) tickets, click here.

About the speaker

Herbert Dreiner has been an professor at Bonn University since 2000. His research has mainly focused on searches for physics beyond the standard model at colliders. Since 2002 Herbert has been organizing an extensive outreach effort at Bonn University, the Bonn Physikshow. He was awarded the HEP Outreach Prize of the European Physical Society in 2009.


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