New Human Rights for a New Era

In cooperation with Filosofie Magazine and the Faculty of Law

10dec2018 17:00 - 18:30


On the 10th of December, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Is the Declaration still as relevant as seventy years ago? In the face of ecocide, robotization, the ubiquity of the internet, post-truth and identity politics – which new rights do we need to protect ourselves and realize global justice? Filosofie Magazine asks philosophers, lawyers and other experts to formulate propositions for new human rights.

In an interactive and challenging programme, emerging thinkers will pitch new rights to adopt in the twenty-first century, such as the right not to be misled, and the rights of future generations not to be deprived of rights we deem universal. 

Subsequently, a panel of speakers will debate new rights and questions from the audience. You are invited to creatively think with us: which new rights do you need in your life? Why are they urgent? How can they be universal? And most importantly: what can we do ourselves to contribute to these new rights? Join us and adopt a new human right!

About the speakers

Irena Rosenthal will give an introduction on the need for new human rights. She is lecturer at PPLE College in Amsterdam, where she teaches a course on human rights and politics. She studied philosophy and law at the University of Amsterdam and New York University.

Jan van de Venis is human rights lawyer, with a particular focus on human rights and sustainable development issues. Jan is also Ombudsman for Future Generations and chairman of the Worldconnectors working group Future Generations. This working group advises current institutions and political parties, so that they will take the interests of future generations into account sufficiently, and conducts research on jurisdiction, legislation and other practices that support or hinder the interests of future generations.

Laura Burgers is lawyer and writer. She joined the European Centre for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL) as a PhD candidate in January 2016. Her research, titled Justitia, the Peoples' Power and Mother Earthfocuses on the boundaries of democratically legitimate judicial law-making in European private law with environmental liability claims.

Naomi van Steenbergen is a philosopher with a specialisation in twentieth-century European philosophy and moral psychology. Together with Marcus Düwell and Gerhard Bos she is editor of the book Towards the Ethics of a Green Future: The Theory and Practice of Human Rights for Future People (2018). The book collects the findings of a four-year research project on the challenges of sustainable development, combining philosophy, law, economics and technology assessment.

Dascha Düring is a lecturer at the department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Utrecht University. In her research, she bridges the ways in which Chinese and Western traditions approach fundamental practical questions. Her PhD thesis Of Dragons and Owls: rethinking Chinese and Western narratives of modernity analyzed what are often seen to be fundamental disparities in how China and the West think about the modern world. She also took part in a five-year research project about the foundational role of human dignity in the human rights framework.
Jeroen Hopster is essayist, writer, journalist, and PhD-researcher in philosophy. He is part of the PhD-research Evolutionary Ethics? The (Meta)-Ethical Implications of Evolutionary Explanations of Morality, in which he specializes in the reconciliation of our scientific understanding of morality’s evolutionary origins, with our practical self-understanding as agents who purport to make objective moral judgments. In his most recent book De andere afslag: hoe had het leven anders kunnen lopen? (2018) he gives an analysis of historical counterfactuals, and proposes a method for assessing their accuracy.


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