Controlling your data the competing visions of blockchains and GDPR

Amsterdam Privacy Conference

05okt2018 12:00 - 14:00


Blockchain is the latest wave of digital technology that promises to deliver on the ideal of decentralization. While one of the goals of decentralized technologies is to operate without needing to adhere to existing legal systems, blockchains face the challenge of being compatible with these systems so as to facilitate wider adoption.

One field where this challenge comes to bear is data protection law, especially in light of the recently adopted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) . This workshop will bring together legal and technical experts to discuss the concept of decentralisation and how the goals and rules of data protection can be accommodated in the context of blockchain technologies.

Both blockchains and the GDPR share the goal of granting users greater control over their personal data. While the GDPR pursues this goal by imposing duties of care to centralised data controllers and collectors, blockchains go a step further by trying to eliminate these stakeholders and the need to trust them. Nevertheless, the rules set out by the GDPR apply whenever personal data are at stake, and various actors within the blockchain ecosystem risk liability for controlling or processing data. Could the apparent tensions between GDPR requirements and the technical architecture of blockchains be reconciled under the common aim of individual data control? Is it possible to rethink the concepts of data controllership and responsibility, as framed by the GDPR, in light of blockchain's potential to enhance individual autonomy? What if users were both data subjects and controllers in distributed ledgers?


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