The comeback of the paper book: launching TXT Magazine

In cooperation with the MA Book and Digital Media Studies (Leiden University) and Amsterdam University Press

06sep2018 17:00 - 18:30


They say we are witnessing a third reading revolution. Yet - if the future is digital, why did we recently see a 17% e-book sales decline? In the meantime, reading technology is looking fresher than ever. The paper book is back from having never been away. But how can the paper book remain significant? A discussion with Caroline Reeders, Elsbeth Kwant, Esther Scholten and Jurriaan Rammeloo.

This September, TXT Magazine spotlights the paper book at the official Book and Digital Media Studies alumni event. 2018 marks the academic magazine’s quinquennial jubilee. The afternoon will consist of a topical panel discussion with experts, followed by a borrel. The entrance is free and every attendee receives a freshly printed copy of TXT No. 5.

TXT : The Book Issue offers up-to-the-minute insight into the paper device’s survival. The print and online journal covers stories, interviews and essays from international book and media scholars and professionals. Taking you along the device’s history, materiality and social symbolism, TXT questions ánd answers regarding the paper book’s continuing significance in our modern day and age. TXT Magazine is created by the students of the MA Book and Digital Media Studies at Leiden University.

About the speakers

Caroline Reeders is media business consultant and the new director of Athenaeum Booksellers. She was a director at Van Ditmar book imports, and manager at Mindbus, the platform to which bookshops can connect their online store. She has extensive professional experience in both book and newspaper publishing as well as interim management. TXT: The Book Issue features an exclusive interview with Caroline on her vision for the future of books and bookshops.

Elsbeth Kwant is a strategic advisor at the National Library of the Netherlands. She manages many of the KB’s digitization projects and online services. She holds a double master’s degree in Book Studies and Information Management. Elsbeth is an aluma of Leiden University.

Esther Scholten is deputy director at the CPNB, and director of The Best Dutch Book Design. She holds degrees in both Law and Art History and has extensive professional experience in the arts and culture sector. She was project manager at art history burau D’ARTS, and has held board positions at foundations such as 1001 Women and Friends of Meermanno Museum.

Jurriaan Rammeloo (moderator) is the program director of KVB Boekwerk, the book market’s knowledge and innovation platform. He is responsible for the monitoring of developments within the sector. Jurriaan is an experienced cultural sector consultant and interim manager and a partner at Blueyard.


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Location: SPUI25