Art, VR, and imagining gender in future societies

24sep2018 16:30 - 18:30


Mankind seems to be on a constant quest for a better world. But what does a ‘better world’ look like? This question forms the foundation of video and multimedia-artist Vika Kova’s large-scale project Land of Good. Inspired by her creation, we will discuss the creation of future societies in virtual reality and explore how gender identities will fit into this future.

The Land of Good aspires to increase awareness of the impact of gender-balance, to create a framework for critical alternatives, to support thinking about what it is that makes us human, and to provide a platform to inspire public-private cooperation and partnerships on issues related to gender-balance. In her talks, Vika Kova takes the gender-asymmetry of current society as an invitation to reflect on who we are and how we see the world.

The more we discover about the impact of the gender-balance we have inherited, the more we are challenged to examine ourselves and the underlying social models and structures that this balance embodies and enables for the future. The Land of Good project consists of ten artist-talks, the first two of which took place at Amsterdam’s Embassy of the Free Mind. The third edition at SPUI25 will explore gender-equality and gender-balance prospects. The artist is joined by art consultant Madelon Strijbos and moderator Mirjam Vosmeer, a VR researcher specializing in gender, media and video games. Together with the audience, they will discuss the potential of art and virtual reality to comment on, and in fact, help construct a better world – virtual or tangible.  


Vika Kova

About the speakers

Born in Vladivostok (USSR), Vika Kova grew up in Germany. After graduating in arts and music from the Moscow Conservatory, she moved to The Netherlands to become a successful singer, DJ, performer and later, a multimedia/video artist. Challenging the establishment in non-aggressive and innovative ways, pushing the boundaries between reality, technology and fiction, Kova emerged in 2014 with her project Land of Good, which raises evocative questions as to what a future gender-symmetrical society would look like.

As founder of art market strategy consultancy Apollonia, Madelon Strijbos advises and coaches art startups, and was responsible for the launch of the Kremer Collection Museum in virtual reality. Between 2014 and 2017 she served as global head of marketing at TEFAF.

Mirjam Vosmeer (moderator) is a researcher at the HvA’s Digital Media and Creative Industry faculty, Play & Civic Media lectorate. Specialising in Virtual Reality, video and other media, she presented her PhD thesis at the UvA on video games and gender in 2010.


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Location: SPUI25