Why we cycle: documentary screening and discussion

In cooperation with the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

01mei2018 20:00 - 21:30


To the Dutch, cycling is as normal as breathing. They don’t think about it, they just do it. Perhaps the fact that they don’t think about it, is the key to the bicycle’s success. The documentary ‘Why we cycle’ brings new insights into the practice of cycling. A screening followed by a discussion. With: Giselinde Kuipers and Marco te Brömmelstroet.

If you’re new to Amsterdam and to cycling, ór if you have cycled all your life, this documentary shows you the deeper needs of cyclists. In ‘Why we cycle’, the makers take a ride with ordinary cyclists, but also with specialists from a variety of disciplines. These conversations uncover some obvious, but even more hidden effects of cycling on people, on societies, and on the organization of cities.

The documentary will be screened in English (with English subtitles) followed by comments by Giselinde Kuipers, who plays an important role in the documentary, and Marco te Brömmelstroet, Academic Director of the Urban Cycling Institute.

About the speakers

Giselinde Kuipers is a professor of cultural sociology at the University of Amsterdam Netherlands and Chair of the Sociology Department.

Marco te Brömmelstroet is Associate Professor in Urban Planning at the University of Amsterdam and Academic Director of the Urban Cycling Institute


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Location: SPUI25