Pitch To Win: the importance of public speaking skills

In cooperation with the American Book Center

30mei2018 17:30 - 19:00


Elevator pitches, TED talks, selling yourself – public speaking is becoming an increasingly important skill. A programme celebrating the skill of publich speaking, and the release of the book ‘Pitch to Win’. With: David Beckett and Else van Nieuwkerk.

Research has shown that public speaking is one of the most effective methods to improve teaching, as well as allows students to make much more progress in school. Increasingly, campaigns are being set up across Europe and the Netherlands to bring public speaking into the school curriculum. How should that take shape in the Dutch curriculum?

David Beckett, an international pitch coach will, based on his new book ‘Pitch to Win’, highlight the importance of public speaking and his lessons learned. Else van Nieuwkerk, Director of the Dutch Debating Institute will respond.

About the speakers

David Beckett is an international pitch coach, who has trained over 650 Startups to win over €155Million in investment, and has worked with accelerators such as Startupbootcamp, MassChallenge and Rockstart, and is the lead pitch coach for The Green Challenge and the New Energy Challenge. He has also trained more than 7000 people at companies such as ING, PwC, Google, IKEA and Unilever, in over 20 countries. David is also the author of the new book Pitch To Win. It provides the tools for Startups and Corporate Innovation teams to script, design and deliver winning pitches.

Walter Freeman is senior trainer at the Dutch Debating Institute (Stichting Nederlands Debat Instituut) and specializes in education. The Dutch Debating Institute currently has ongoing projects to integrate debating into school curricula. In the past 12 years Freeman has trained hundreds of classes in public speaking. Freeman is currently focused on training teachers in the art of developing and grading public speaking skills. To that end, he regularly develops new teaching materials. 

Willem van Ewijk (moderator) is editor at VICE Money, the platform about money and the economy of VICE. He studied Law and History in Utrecht and Paris. He previously wrote for a.o. de Volkskrant, de Groene Amsterdammer, de Nieuwe Pers.


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Location: SPUI25