Spaces & bodies: Rivke Jaffe and Annemarie Mol

In cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

13feb2018 17.00 - 18.30


SPUI25 and the European Research Council (ERC) of the European Union celebrate their 10-year anniversary. At the occasion, we welcome the award-winning researchers on our stage for a public interview. What drives our guests as scientists? What dilemmas do they encounter? And what interests them in each other’s research? Overarching theme: the relationship between bodies and spaces.

Due to the forecasted weather conditions we unfortunately had to cancel this programme that was planned for 11th of December 2017.

In the last ten years, 71 UvA researchers received a grant from the ERC, making the UvA top host organization of ERC in the Netherlands. The two researchers will talk about their overlapping fields of research and the relation between bodies and spaces. The emphasis of this afternoon will be on this intersection, where living creatures of varied kinds encounter, intertwine, allow for, or depend on, human socio-material arrangements, human ways of living. What does receiving an ERC grant mean for the quality of the researcher and the research? And what role does valorisation play for them?

About the speakers

Rivke Jaffe (1978) is Professor of Cities, Politics and Culture at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. Jaffe researches urban space, power and inequality. In particular, she focuses on cultural processes underlying political issues, including in the areas of urban security, crime and environmental pollution. She explores how different forms of urban inequality and authority arise, and how they are legitimized and contested. In 2013, she received an ERC Starting Grant for ‘Transforming Citizenship through Hybrid Governance: The Impacts of Public-Private Security Assemblages’. Jaffe is also a member of the KNAW’s ‘Jonge Akademie’.

Annemarie Mol (1958) is Professor of anthropology of the body at the University of Amsterdam. She combines philosophy, medical sociology, anthropology, sociology and social theory in her research. With the eyes of an anthropologist, she looks at how we experience our body. How do we think about and talk about illness? What is it really like to eat? Mol received an ERC advanced grant for research into the ‘eating body’ in the Western world in 2009. That research provided, among other things, the insight that enjoying food in a diet can be more important than counting calories. In 2012 Mol also received the Spinozapremie.

Lisa Peters (moderator) received her PhD titled “The Big World Experiment. The Mobilization of Social Capital in Migrant Communities” from the UvA and currently works at her own company ‘Dagverlichter’ as professional moderator.


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