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SPUI25 in Spe

Junior Editorial Board

‘SPUI25 in Spe’ is SPUI25's junior editorial board. Each year, SPUI25 in Spe organises six programmes covering a wide variety of topics.

The board decides what issues to spotlight. Although the programmes are geared toward a young audience, everyone is welcome to join.

In the spring of 2013, Margot Dijkgraaf, director of SPUI25 at the time, founded SPUI25 in Spe. Her goal was to give students with a passion for organising academic-cultural events the opportunity to add to the SPUI25 calendar. SPUI25 in Spe enables students to gain experience with creating, organising and leading debates.

Current SPUI25 in Spe members:
Nugah Shrestha, Michiel Kemmer, Iris van der Werff, Rosa de Rijk, Yvon de Vries and Boaz Groenendaal.  

SPUI25 in Spe alumni: 
Binkie Bloemheuvel, Monet Twisk, Adelheid van Luipen, Thomas van der Veen, Jochem Kootstra, Sjors Roeters, Charley Boerman, Ola Plonska, Floor Hogeboom, Ernée Derckx, Ramon Creyghton, Abel Jansma, Jetske Brouwer, Piter Pals, Niek Bollemeijer, Philip Stein, Bram van Vulpen, Laura Burgers, Hugo van Dam, Suze Govers, Eva Meesterberends, Kayleigh van Oorschot, Jesse Rutters and Gertjan Wijburg.