Planet Hunters on Friday afternoon: Are we alone in the universe?

In cooperation with the American Book Center

01jun2018 17:00 - 18:30


Are we alone in the universe? The ability to detect life in remote solar systems is at last within sight, with planet-finding telescopes like NASA’s TESS being launched on a regular basis. Its discovery, even if only in microbial form, would revolutionize our self-image. In this talk, astronomer Lucas Ellerbroek takes you on a voyage through space, time, history and the future.

Ellerbroek’s recently translated book Planet Hunters - the search for extraterrestrial life tells a delightful tale of smart-alec nerds, the search for extraterrestrial life and the history of an academic discipline. 

What better way of starting the weekend than getting a peek into the Universe?


Lucas Ellerbroek

About the speaker

Lucas Ellerbroek is an astronomer and researcher in comets and planet formation at the University of Amsterdam. He has written a number of popular articles on space exploration and is well known for his television appearances (RTL Late Night, De Wereld Leert Door) and public talks (TedX, Universiteit van Nederland, Nerd Nite). Also see Lucas’ website: 


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Location: SPUI25