Multi-order: the new world order?

In cooperation with the Dutch Society for International Affairs, NGIZ

31mei2018 20:00 - 21:45


To what extent is our ‘world order’ changing? What threats can we expect? According to the Clingendael Institute, a transition appears to be occurring from a multilateral to a multipolar order. During the Van Bylandt-lecture, you will hear more about this development with speakers from Clingendael, University of Antwerpen and University of Amsterdam.

The Clingendael Institute for International Relations nowadays uses the term ‘multi-order’: a highly diverse system in which international cooperation takes place (or fails) in totally different and separate ways and areas. The state of international cooperation thus depends on the specific theme. See also the publication on this topic.

During the Van Bylandt-lecture of the Dutch Society for International Affairs, NGIZ, research fellow Minke Meijnders (Clingendael) will give an exposé about the phenomenon "multi-order". Subsequently, Professor Tom Sauer (University of Antwerpen) will discuss the position of the great powers towards North-Korea. Finally, Dr. Mehdi Amineh (University of Amsterdam) will debate about ‘cooperation vs. conflict’ between the most important actors towards Eurasia and the Middle East. The keynote speakers then will engage in a discussion with the audience. 

About NGIZ

The Van Bylandt-lecture is organised by the Amsterdam division of NGIZ and in cooperation with the Van Bylandt Stichting and hosted at SPUI25. NGIZ Amsterdam is part of NGIZ Netherlands. The latter is associated with the Clingendael Institute and operates autonomously. NGIZ Netherlands has multiple divisions that operate separately. The Amsterdam division organizes formal events, such as lectures, as well as informal events like (network) drinks.


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Location: SPUI25