IMPACT: Asian, African and Arab icons, ideas and inspirations

K-pop, Bollywood en Manga

20sep2017 17:00 - 18:30


In the first edition of this new ‘Impact’ series, we focus on the ways in which Asian art, culture and ideas softly conquer the West. Traditionally, the West is associated with cultural hegemony. But the times are changing and so we ask ourselves: what new and inspiring cultural concepts, practices and products can Asia offer us?

Asia is the ultimate soft power, with the increasing influence of Korean pop-culture (called the Korean Wave) and the popularity of Bollywood, as well as the acceptance of Manga as a worldwide phenomenom in the past twenty-five years, Asian culture has become an indispensable part of contemporary western daily life. From Kbbq to Ayurvedic turmeric shots, and western adaptations of popular titles like Death Note, Asian influences run deeper than we tend to see on the surface. With Rabia Sitabi we will look deeper into the many ways in which Asian culture enriches the West.

About the Impact- series

In this new series, SPUI25 looks beyond the limits of Western culture. With the help of guests and experts from different fields of work, we will reflect on inspiring artists, practices and developments from Africa, Asia and the Arabic world. In this way we hope to expand our horizons and make a contribution to the dialogue between East and West. The series will be entirely in English.

About the speakers

Rabia Sitabi (moderator) is a self-proclaimed international culture ambassador who aims to connect the East to the West through events and education. During the week she runs two international marketing and consultancy agencies, and in her spare time she collaborates with the likes of the South Korean government and Indian Art galleries to expand intercultural awareness in Europe.

Reza Kartosen-Wong is a lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. His main research interests include media/popular culture and representation, cultural diversity and cultural identity. His PhD research was on young Asian Dutch, Asian identities and Asian popular culture. 

Mr. Woodcole is a well known face in the creative night life of Amsterdam. With his arty view on music he combines different music styles to create a great vibe that people will remember. Cloud Rap, Korean R&B, Japanese funk, Turkish disco, future electronic music (IDM), baile funk, groovy house, hiphop classics, pop classics, soul, vaporwave, trap and jazz are just a few music styles Mr. Woodcole has in his collection.

Samuel Hubner Casado is a media critic, specialised in Japanese videogames. He writes for the long-running gaming magazine Power Unlimited, works as a programmer for the CinemAsia film festival, and curates the web's viral content for VICE’s Flabber. Interested in the distinctions between east and west, he often focuses on both the similarities and differences between the Asian media and that of the west.

Nafiesa Rasoelbaks is a content creator at Pathé who once started as an intern researching how to expand Bollywood movie releases in the Netherlands. She has been responsible for the contacts, contracts, programming and marketing during six years.


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