What’s next for Spain and Catalonia?

In cooperation with the programme European Studies, Faculty of Humanities

23nov2017 17:00 - 18:30


On Sunday 1st of October, the regional government of Catalonia held an independence referendum. Despite warnings beforehand and questions about the legal status of the referendum, 43% of its inhabitants showed up to vote, with 90 percent voting in favor. A declaration of independence followed, but was quickly overturned. What’s next for Spain and Catalonia?

During this programme, speakers from the department of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden aim to inform you about the historical context of the recent developments in Spain, giving you insights beyond the news. And to answer the question: what should Europe do?

About the speaker

Matthijs Lok (moderator) is university lecturer in Modern European History at the European Studies Department of the University of Amsterdam. He studied European history at the Universities of Liverpool, Leiden and Yale. Lok is specialised in the comparative political, cultural and intellectual history of modern Europe.

Eric Storm is lecturer in European History at the Institute for History at Leiden University. Storm studied History at the University of Groningen and Salamanca. His dissertation was about Spanish political thought between 1890 and 1914. He previously studied the impact of nationalism and the rise of modern art on the evolution of artistic taste in France, Spain and Germany (1860-1914). In 2002 he received a Veni-grant for a research project on the Visualisation of the region: National and regional identities in art and architecture in France, Germany and Spain (1890-1939).

Yolanda Rodríguez Pérez is Associate Professor in the Department of European Studies. Before joining the University of Amsterdam in 2010, she was Assistant Professor in the Spanish Department at Utrecht University. Her dissertation was titled The Dutch Revolt through Spanish Eyes. Self and Other in historical and literary texts of Golden Age Spain (c.1548-1673 ). Between 2010 and 2015 she was the chair of the Asociación de Hispanistas del Benelux.

Joris van Santen is an MA student European Policy at the University of Amsterdam. During his Bachelor European Studies he wrote his thesis on the Catalan independence movement. Born and raised in the Netherlands but having a Catalan mother, he is interested in rationalising the situation in Catalonia. 

Gijs Mulder studied Spanish at the University of Amsterdam. He currently is university lecturer in Spanish Language and Culture at Radboud University Nijmegen.


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Location: SPUI25