Cheers to Science: Female sexuality & the defense of family honour in Cape Town in the 18th century

13okt2017 17:00 - 18:00


Current affairs regarding 'slut shaming' among Dutch sororities reveal that there is still much to examine about mentalities of female sexual reputation and honour. Leontine Hulzink will reveal from a historical point vantage point how women in 18th century Cape Colony dealt with mechanisms of civil law when female reputation was compromised by accusations of unchaste behavior.

Honour and reputation was a fluid concept, especially for women. Female immoral behavior outside of the bonds of marriage could and did negatively impact family and other members of a woman's social network.

Civil court records from the Court of Justice at the Cape deal with cases on slander and defamation that affected honor and reputation. Detailed complaints and witness statements reveal a unique perspective of female lived experiences when they dealt with slander that impacted women and the family unit in a negative manner. In order to contain and repair the damage that sexual slander had caused, family and network connections made efforts to ensure that negative judgements were not projected on them by intervening through civil law complaints.

Proost op de Wetenschap

The SPUI25-series 'Proost op de wetenschap' (Cheers to Science) gives PhD candidates and recently promoted researchers a platform to present their research to a broad audience. During this afternoon at SPUI25 a young researcher tells us about his or her recent research. 

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