The effectiveness of diversity training

In cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Business (UvA)

29May2017 20:00 - 21:30


Diversity training has been developed to counter prejudice and discrimination, and to teach employees to work together and gain cultural awareness. It sounds like a positive development in the labour market, but is it also effective? With Astrid Homan, Claudia Buengeler, and Anne Corré.

Astrid Homan and Claudia Buengeler will present the conclusions of their research on the effectiveness of diversity training. In this research, they show when, and under what circumstances, diversity training is, or is not, productive. They conclude that diversity training often isn't effective. But what are the causes of this outcome?

After their presentation, Homan and Buengeler will be interviewed by Anne Corré, editor at NRC Handelsblad. She has written widely about work-related topics, such as burn-outs and the role of robots for work.  

Claudia Buengeler

Claudia Buengeler

About the speakers

Claudia Buengeler received her PhD from VU University Amsterdam and Jacobs University Bremen and currently is an assistant professor of organizational behavior and human resource management at the Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam. In her research, she focuses on leadership, team diversity, diversity training, innovation, and well-being.

Prof Astrid Homan

Astrid C. Homan

Astrid C. Homan received her PhD from the University of Amsterdam and is now professor of organizational psychology at the same university. Her research interests include team diversity, team processes, team performance, subgroup categorization, diversity beliefs, leadership, and power.

Anne Corré

Anne Corré (moderator) is editor at NRC Handelsblad/ and worked amongst others at NTR, BNN, and VPRO.


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